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Next Meeting: Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

 PROGRAM: show and tell + 2 videos.  Discussion about training new woodworkers & liability                                                           
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 Four Jim Finn Projects - April 2017

November 2019 Newsletter



PRES. JIM FINN                    559-4109                       

V.P. GARY JOHNSON          797-6491                       

S/T. RON McCLELLAN         795-4951                       


Next Meeting: First Thursday, November 7th, 2019, at the GAC, 44&University Ave. at 7pm.

The Big Blue Bash at LCU this year will be held on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019.  Jim and I will be there to pass out free toys and cars to the children.  LCU buys 100 of these items, we add to the give-out plus we have some items for sale.  Jim has made a box for the door prize. 

     This event has turned out to be the best fund raiser our club has ever had.

 Bank Balance is $1302.85.

 We discussed joining being a part of the GAC December Craft Fair this year, but have decided not to participate.  It will be held Friday and Saturday on  December 6th and 7th if you care to attend.

 We also discussed searching for ideas to advertise our Club. Suggestions were made to contact the A/J, and some of the Senior Papers that are hand outs at the grocery stores.  We could use some retired folks that aren't interested in attending meetings but would be interested in making some cars and toys to donate to our cause.  Give this some thought, we need help in this regard.

 Our plan is to deliver our toys and cars on Wednesday,  December 11.  If you have made some cars or toys, please bring them to the December 5th, meeting, or call me if you need someone to pick them up.

 SHOW & TELL: Don Young brought some walking staffs that he has made through the years for his Boy Scouts to use, including some that had been carved on, whittled on, and  painted on.  One even looked like a Black Snake.

Judge Walker brought a small wooden hand plane that he had made and used through the years, made of Maple.

Jim displayed a Bellows of Pine & Leather, some Phone Charging Docks of Pine, and some Wine Bottle Boxes of Pine & Cedar & Walnut, with Maple Inlays,

 Show & Tell:  Do you have any new projects?  Any old  items that we haven't seen in a while?  Any new Toy or Car designs?  Go ahead, bring them to Show & Tell.  We are always delighted to see what somebody else has been doing. 

 See you Thursday evening,

Ronnie Mac

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