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Next Meeting: Thursday, March 7th, 2019

 PROGRAM: show and tell + 2 videos.  Discussion about training new woodworkers & liability                                                           
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 Four Jim Finn Projects - April 2017

March 2019 Newsletter - Mr Mc had trouble getting one produced.  

PRES. JIM FINN 559-4109
V.P. GARY JOHNSON 797-6491
S/T. RON McCLELLAN 795-4951

Ah, it is time to brave the cold, the wind, whatever moisture that might leak through the clouds, and join the rest of our motley crew for our  Woodworking Club meeting this Thursday, March 7th, 2019, at 7pm at the GAC Bldg, 44th and University.

 Bring something to Show and Tell us about, or a project that is in the making or even finished. 

 We are still making cars, trucks, and toys to give to our favorite recipients and wheels, axel dowels, and wood is available to those willing to help.

 For those of us that don't have  good heating in our shops, this may be a time to look for new ideas, draw up some new toy plans, read up on woodworking books and techniques.  Come share your ideas and questions with the rest of us as we get ready for the coming year.

Ronnie Mac

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Aspects of woodworking are presented after a short business meeting with member participation, show & tell and
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